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A picture is worth a thousand words. Why not learn to visually communicate them? At The Studio we offer a wide range of photography courses and workshops tailored to meet the needs of beginner and experienced photographers in The Woodlands Area. Our photography classes & workshops are the hands-on learning experience for the avid and curious learner. Our Photography Classes have a low student-teacher ratio, allowing the instructor to help each student on a one-on-one basis. Our Photography Professors have many years of experience and specializae in Portrait & Corporate Photography.

At our photoraphy classes and workshops we will help you learn and understand how to use your camera’s settings so that you can take amazing pictures. Some of the topics covered throughout our photography classes, workshops and lessons include: how to use semi auto modes, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, EV compensation and bracketing. We also show you how to use basic and advanced camera functions such as shutter drive, focusing drive, focal length, AE/AF Lock, metering and more. These camera classes also give you photography tips and techniques on how and when to use these functions, which can be the most challenging aspect of photography.

Our classes are structured to provide you with the highest quality photography education that anyone can put to use in real world. At The Studio, our team of Professional Photography Instructors have carefully crafted the best photography classes to help even the most novice of students. We will teach you beginner and advanced photography techniques for indoor and outdoor photography, flash, sports & action, and portrait photography. Are you interested already? Come and join Us!. Our Photography Classes are delivered at our Professional Photography Studio, located near The Woodlands Area, TX.

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